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Nut-filled Pastries

Nut-filled Pastries

Nut-fi,led am sorry to hear that. Refreshment Ideas for Events 45 min, roll Nut-filled Pastries Patsries Nut-filled Pastries on a floured surface to 11" x 18". The filling was nutella and the dough was tender. Followed directions to the letter. I do not have a grinder. Thank you sooooooo much! Cook Time 10 minutes mins.


Grandma's Slovenian Kifle Apricot \u0026 Nut Horns

Nut-filled Pastries -

Use what you have on hand, or what you are more familiar with. This is a little tidbit I learned in one of my baking classes and then read about in On Food and Cooking.

Milk contains proteins that will make it difficult for gluten to develop. No one wants that. But when we scald the milk by simply warming it up until hot, but not simmering or boiling, it breaks down those bad proteins.

You can read a bit more in my Cardamom Coffee Braid post. Related Reading: 10 Christmas Cookie Recipes. Who knew it was possible to have so many opinions on bench scrapers? I actually have three, but I use them all differently.

With this recipe, I used these flexible ones to scrape the dough out of the bowl. Then I used this heavy duty guy to divide the dough. I also have one from the Dollar Tree that is perfect for cake decorating. The original family recipe uses just all purpose flour, but I actually like to use a bit of both.

All purpose flour will give you a more tender kolache. But bread flour adds a nice chew and more structure so that the loaves stay rounded instead of flattening out a bit. If you use just bread flour, the rolls might end up being too chewy for kolache, but still delicious. Every year, we end up trying to figure out how to spell some Slovak words that we use in the family.

When I was writing up this post, one awesome uncle did some searching and got me the kolache spellings! This walnut variety is orechovy and pronounced Or-A-Ko-Vee. The poppyseed variety is called Muck-A-Vee or makovy. That one is usually on the table as a matter of tradition.

I wanted to earn a place in the family during my first few Christmases by boldly eating an entire slice with a smile. And of course, those two times are Christmas and Easter, which means stressful kitchen days.

Print it off whenever a big food day rolls around and make notes for all of your baking and cooking. Total life saver. The flavors of nuts, cinnamon, and sugar all wrapped in sweet bread are a guaranteed hit any day of the year. Hi there! If you love baking and want to expand and grow your skills, or if you are a casual baker and just need some pointers, my blog is right up your alley!

The Kolache Bread turned out delicious. Thank you for the recipe. I have been looking for Kolache bread recipe and am so glad I came across yours.

I sprinkle powdered sugar on top right before we slice it. Can you freeze the bread? We freeze the kolache all the time. I suggest cutting the loaf in half, wrapping in cling wrap, then place in a freezer bag. Thank you for this recipe! Thank you again! Made these today.

Really appreciated your video and awesome directions. Merry Christmas! Have you tried that? Would proportions be the same? She also cooked her whole life on a wood stove.

Her bread was amazing. Honey would be delicious, but it has a greater chance of leakage. Maybe start with less honey and see what the consistency of the filling looks like. If it is too dry, add more honey, then spread it on. Or, how do you grind the walnuts? I do not have a grinder. The texture that you process the walnuts to is mostly up to you.

I hope that helps! This is a nut roll also in Slavic culture called Kipfel or Kiffel. This is not an authentic kolach. Kolach or kolache plural means round wheel. It is a round, open fruit or cheese pastry. This is not kolach.

In Texas the immigrants created Klobasneks also known as Pig in the blanket. These have sausages in them. Immigrants did not use hotdogs and I have never seen anything with a hot dog in it.

I cringed a bit when I read your comment about hot dogs. These must be commercial frozen copy cats somewhere. They should have sausages; real sausages. These are about year old. I know these things because I am a daughter of a chech immigrant that settled in Texas.

I make and sell kolach. We serve these at weddings, polka dances, and any holiday. You are absolutely right. This is not a Czech kolache recipe. It is a Slovak recipe for a type of kolache called orechovy. I published this family recipe several years ago and I have learned that kolache is highly regional and there are so many different varieties that sometimes look completely different from each other.

It is so fascinating to learn about all of these differences 😀. I wanted to add that I use the grater blade in the food processor; that way any nut passes through only once. You can use coarse or fine grater, and they come out perfectly sized.

She was a Hungarian and made different fillings, although the dough sound the same. will try and make them this weekend,and let you know how they turn out. I would love to hear how they turn out!! I love cabbage. Thank you for sharing!!!

and wouId brush it on in the very last stages. It gave the rolls quite a shine. She also added the golden raisins. She would make mostly walnut, and several poppyseed. One year a special treat was lekvar, which is prune butter.

My brother and his daughter have experimented over the years and have perfected an apricot filling, which also used bits of dried apricot similar in texture to the raisins she added to the nutrolls.

She only made them twice a year…at Christmas, and at Easter. She would often make many rolls, so that there would stepill be some left by Easter.

Always a special treat. And, if they start to get too try, my other brother used to slice them up and put them in a sautee pan with butter, and sprinkle cinnamon sugar over them as the warmed up. All of those different varieties sound delicious! Especially apricot. That sounds wonderful 😀.

I have a very similar recipe handed down 5 generations and love to make this for the holidays. In ours, once the dough is rolled out and before the filling is spread on, we scatter a handful of golden raisins and press into the dough.

My innovation was to use French Loaf baking pans to bake them in the oven. It help the loaves to retain a rounder form through the final rising and baking process.

My other favorite filling for this recipe is poppy seed. With any extra dough we make massive amounts during the holidays , my uncle throws raisins and cinnamon sugar into one roll.

We also have a poppy seed variety, but it is, unfortunately, not a popular pick in our house. I love the idea of using French loaf pans! Thank you sooooooo much!

This tastes like my Mother made!!. It also tastes like what I ordered for my cousins on line from Butter Maid Bakery in Youngstown Ohio. I have been searching for this recipe to try and duplicate my Slovak mother-in-laws missing one. It was my husbands favourite.

Could you do the dough mixture in breadmaker or would you lose something in the consistancy? It may be worth a try just to find out. Thanks for a great recipe and YouTube video!

Thanks again! Thanks so much for this! Thanks for posting this. We picked up a few good tips here. My mom used to make Kolachi or Kolache.

She was 2nd generation immigrants from Transylvania, Romania. She also made individual-sized nut or poppyseed roll-ups that are often called Kipfel or Kiffel….. same basic recipe. We have had a lot of various working-class immigrants from Eastern Europeean areas.

Trying to make these for my MIL who is Slovakian and Russian. Can you freeze these after baking? My first try spilt and I saw in the comments the error of my ways. My uncles frequently freeze these after baking.

Cut the loaves in half for easy storage and wrap well in cling wrap, then place them in a freezer bag. My Volga German grandmother made this and it was always a favorite of mine! Until I found yours!

Thank you so much! This is a new Christmas tradition in my house from now on! Colleen, you are an angel! Over the years we tried many times to perfect the recipe and never got it quite right. Understand audiences through statistics or combinations of data from different sources.

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Nut Rolls. Submitted by Karren L Kukral. Trending Videos. Add Photo Jump to Nutrition Facts. Directions Preheat the oven to degrees F degrees C. I Made It Print. Nutrition Facts per serving Calories 35g Fat 42g Carbs 9g Protein.

Add Your Photo. Photos of Nut Rolls 01 of Photo by Allrecipes Member. Photo by Delores. Photo by Jessica. Photo by Don Nicks. Photo by Linda Neer. Photo by Patricia Barnett. Photo by Joyce. Photo by Chris Harris. Combine all filling ingredients. Bake about 20 minutes, until golden.

Pour cool syrup over pastry as soon as it comes out of the oven. Recipe tags. Baklava delicious dessert nut filling pastries pastry phyllo dough Sefardi sephardi.

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Christmas and Easter Nut-filled Pastries be Onion-based condiments without a batch of homemade Slovak nut Pastrifs This Nyt-filled, Nut-filled Pastries recipe makes two Nut-filled Pastries rolls Pasfries a generous amount of walnut filling. Nut-filled Pastries Slovak nut Pastrues are made of yeast dough rolled out thinly and filled with ground walnuts. The rolled strudel is baked on a sheet after being brushed with an egg wash to give it a shiny appearance before being placed in the oven. The baked nut roll is cut into slices and served with tea or coffee. TIP: I successfully use this same dough to make poppy seed rolls! Nut-filled Pastries

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